• Brandon Hodges

Rapid New Year Racing

Happy New Years! Our team has taken some time off to enjoy the holiday festivities and plan how we would like to attack 2021. We will continue providing free car designs and discounts on custom requests. Later this month we would like to host a community event celebrating our fellow iRacing drivers.

We have run several races with week both together and solo advertising our website and we hope to improve our marketability by the use of social media sites. In these races, we have managed podiums, top tens, and exciting saves that you can witness on a weekly basis if you join our discord channel.

We are all looking forward to our first win and if you would like help analyzing your replays feel free to drop them in our discord under replay review. It will need to adhere to the data limits of discord until we find an easier way to upload it directly to our website.

If you or your friends have any custom requests that are replicas of real race car please let us know! We will consider making replica request for free since it helps bring popular options to everyone who visits the site.

Best of luck to everyone in their races and keep your eye out for a chance to race with Supernova RND!

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